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Air Conditioning ME UK has a team of professional technicians and engineers who specialises in air conditioning installation, repairs and maintenance. Thus, we are able to provide our domestic and commercial market with both effective cooling and heating.

We guarantee to provide you with a solution to all air conditioning system needs with adherence to established standards and guidelines.

At Air Conditioning ME UK, you can have a comfortable environment in your own homes and offices with the following services we offer:

  • • Air Conditioning Design
  • • Air Conditioning Installation
  • • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • • Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

Our Service Promise to Our Customers

At Air Conditioning ME UK, you can be assured that the products we supply you are of high quality at a competitive rate. We do not install substandard products as they might cause you a lot of problems in the long run. We always aim to make you comfortable even if external factors would otherwise hurdle this.

Our customers are being truly safeguarded by our quality products and excellent workmanship at all times.

Air Conditioning Design

We are all experts in designing a cost effective air conditioning system both for our domestic and commercial customers.

From the time we receive your call, we already establish a clear understanding of your exact preference and requirements for your air conditioning system and the place in which it is to be installed. With our vast experience and proficiency in this matter, we are always able to meet our customer’s demands with keen attention to details.

Our customers have the opportunity to discuss with us in full details their requirements through our free consultation. We give them advice and assistance that are necessary to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning ME UK has successfully installed over thousands of air conditioning units. All of which are priced reasonably. We do offer installation packages that definitely suit your individual requirements as well as your budget.

Our team of friendly and professional technicians and engineers have the capability of doing things excellently for the satisfaction of our customers. They are highly qualified with years of experience whom you can really count on.

At Air Conditioning ME UK, our installers come to your place with branded uniforms and official identification. This is to make you feel at ease with our presence. We do work quickly and quietly, making sure that we finish our jobs on time. After we accomplish the installation, we never leave the place messy. We see to it that the workplace is tidied up and in order before we leave.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

As we always say, it is better to prevent damages through our maintenance services than suffer the consequences in the long run. With our maintenance service, you can be assured that your air conditioning unit would really run for a longer time than expected. Our specialists will really take care of your unit with utmost diligence to keep it in good condition.

We are always on call 24/7. Thus, you can always give us a call if you want your unit to be serviced by our experts. Our fully equipped engineers will come to your place with a dedication to keep your unit at its best performance always.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Our specialists at Air Conditioning ME UK have the ability and expertise to repair all types of air conditioning systems. Within London, we can guarantee that we would be able to respond to your call in just a few hours.

We give our clients an honest quote for the jobs we have done. There are no hidden charges or additional fees that are way too expensive for our customers’ budget. In our quotation, we always specify in to-to all our accomplished tasks with its corresponding rate. There are also some cases wherein we purchase parts that are needed for the repair. The invoice of goods will be attached to the quotation for your reference. All of the tasks carried on are in accordance to what we have both agreed upon. We will never proceed with an action that is not approved by you.

For instances that air conditioning repair would be more expensive than having a replacement, we would not hesitate to advise our clients in this situation in order for them to make a decision which is more favourable to them.

Having a hard time figuring out the problem of your unit? Don’t waste your time and effort. Call us at 07906923015. Our knowledgeable engineers can troubleshoot it for you.

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