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What does EER mean?

EER is the abbreviation for Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is used to convey the relative efficiency of a heating or cooling device through dividing the heat output with the power input. The system with a higher ratio compared to others is a better one.

Where can the air conditioning units be used?

There are different types of air conditioning units. Each type is tailored to suit particular needs for domestic and commercial purposes.

How long will it take to install an air conditioning unit?

Most of the units can be installed in just one day without any major disruption.

What benefits can I get from air conditioning?

Air conditioning can give you a comfortable environment that you would always want to have. Even if the season creates a bad weather, with this air conditioning system, you could relax with ease in your very own place.

Does air conditioning spread viruses and bacteria?

When air conditioning units are poorly designed and maintained, it is generally susceptible to dryness and reduced humidity. Thus, the spread of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria is easily held because of this fact.

How does air purification operate in air conditioning system?

There is an anti-fungus filter that is used to catch allergy causing mites, smoke particles and odours. Thus, with this filter, it makes the air in your environment clean, fresh and purified.

How long will a new air conditioning system last?

With regular maintenance and servicing by qualified and skilled technician, your air conditioning system may last for 12 to 15 years, in average.

What must I do when my air conditioning unit failed to function?

Power supply is one of the major causes of such failure. Thus, you have to check whether the circuit breakers and isolators are working well.

Another cause might be the blockage of air filters. So, such filters must be regularly kept clean to ensure good performance of your unit.

However, if all necessary measures were done and yet it is still not functioning, then it is better for you to contact us to check on it and do the job.

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